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4 July 2000

This week’s holiday: Guess.  I am amazed at the spontaneous descriptions and discussions on journals and weblogs and chat rooms.  There’s much more than last year.  This begs the question of whether journals/blogs are ‘private’ or ‘public’ texts, and whether they have already evolved newsmedia-type conventions like A Holiday Is A News Peg.  Favorite comment so far is Patrick: “Nobody does patriotism like New Englanders.”  Me, I ate a makkara but it just wasn’t the same.

PS 2015: That was when the Internet was whelming but not overwhelming. Of course, holidays have long been a peg for private correspondence: cards particularly. Patrick is still a go-to person in my intersphere for the pithy comment.

29 June 2000

This week’s holiday is midsummer. It happened last week, but I’m still feeling the effects. Those of you who were there know which ones.

19 June 2000

This week’s national independence day: Iceland. See it here and here. And I was blogged back here.

11 June 2000

Last week’s national day: Svenska flaggans dag. And I was there at Skansen. Didn’t manage to spot the Royals; too much sound equipment between them and me. Vicky was apparently in the United States or Finland. Carl Philip the pinup prince is doing his army service. But pikkuprincessan Madeleine was there with the kongsparet and the press were salivating over her upcoming 18th birthday, since once she’s an adult they will be able to take the gloves off and start stalking her on dates. Everyone enjoyed Alice Bah’s speech and the rock concert that was embedded in the program, in between the various flag routines.

PS 2015: This is still the closest I’ve ever gotten to Allsång på Skansen. One day. Stockholm i mitt hjärta!



31 May 2000

National holidays of the week: Memorial Day, as seen in Rob’s entry and forum thread and in passing comments by others. And here we have Helatorstai, an annoying church holiday that is supposed to result in a Thursday off and a Saturday working. Of course everyone breaks the law and either works the Thursday or takes a four-day weekend. Summer schedules and vacations start on Monday: I’m sorry, Finland is closed for the summer. Thank you for living here and please feel free to use our services again in the fall.

My weekend will be spent moving rooms. I picked up the key to the new room from Reijo this morning and felt afterwards that I had done a full day’s work just in interacting with him. He had no office hours scheduled from May 23 to June 1, so that he could make people feel guilty about approaching him with key business, even though it’s the turn of the month and renovations are starting and we really have no choice. He warned that anything left behind would be trashed, possibly as early as today or tomorrow. And he has closed the clubroom for the duration.

15 May 2000

National holiday of the week: Norwegian Independence Day. Instead of tracking it from this youth hostel, I will be tracking it through this weblog and this news archive (pictures here) and the slottscam. The reason? See below.

12 May 2000

National holiday of the week: Israeli Independence Day. Not until I moved to Finland did I learn that it’s celebrated in Jewish communities around the world. The festivities here included a religious service, a musical programme (a girl playing Sibelius on the piano, a group of teenagers who just won the Jewish Eurovision singing original Israeli pop songs, and the same little girls doing breakdancing who can be seen at every Finnish public occasion including the veterans’ gatherings on December 6), delicious Middle Eastern food, and folk dancing.

Related readings: Public Culture (a forthcoming issue will include a natural history of the passport) and anything by Don Handelman, whom I think I will adopt as a personal guru.