I enjoy communicating ideas through text and image.

Selected A4 posters for the evening film seminars I organized as an enrichment and community impact activity when running the UCS MA Journalism programme. Thanks to the colleagues who led the post-film discussions in their specialist areas: Carol Brown, Nigel Ball, Matthew Andrew, Fidel Meraz, Jonathan Buss.

Nonstandard logo sizing solved a number of layout problems – for instance on The Wire it covers up some text that would show the picture was flipped – but got me in trouble with marketing.

Sign and programme for Corpus Linguistics in the South 13, which I organized. Image is from a free pool of Mars pictures.

Prototype newsletter for School of Arts and Humanities, 2013 (click to read). More logo hacking, not entirely successful as the concept was to blend it into the spiderweb header background (abstracted from a photo I took at a Tomas Saraceno exhibition at Taidehalli). This is the project where I learned Adobe InDesign, and can I just say how grateful I am to have subsequently discovered Microsoft Publisher.

Guestbook cover for friend’s bunkerlike house in London, linocut based on silhouette photograph, 2013. I should do a similar one  for Senior House memorabilia.

Logo concept for University of Helsinki Research Unit for Variation and Change in English, 2006. I thought the logo competition was just for the concept. I would have worked more on the sizing and kerning had I known this version was going to be taken directly and used for a decade.

Moon landing, Modern Calligraphy Workshop, July 2019

Manx cat, 1989 or so 

Concept valentine for a typesetting dept contest at the Tab in Newton where I was working as a typesetter, 1986