Selected journalism and so forth:

Longform profiles and interviews (pdfs)
Commodore Grace Hopper, InformationWeek
Activist Florence Luscombe, Technology Review
Graphic designer George Tscherny, Columbia J-School

Live interviews
EU Commissioner Olli Rehn, Bloomberg (YouTube)
Ipswich Community Radio interviews (with co-presenter Izzy Lane and others)

Public relations
Media releases for Dublin 2019, 77th World Science Fiction convention (mostly by me)
Coverage record for Dublin 2019, 77th World Science Fiction Convention
Progress Report 1 for Confusion, 2021 British SF Convention, pdf (graphics by Serena Culfeather)

Arts reviews
All reviews published on this blog to date (film, theatre, museum exhibitions)
My Stories, Your E-mails, theatre by Ursula Martinez, InSuffolk 8 June 2013
Bitch Boxer (same page, scroll down), theatre by Jess Latowicki, InSuffolk 8 June 2013

I haven’t checked stories below here for linkrot; that’s next.

Lingua Franca, “the magazine of academic life” (New York)
Latin Lovers, January/February 1994
Somewhere, Allan Bloom Is Smiling, October 1994
Steal This Book, October 1994
Folding the Universe, spiked but I think they were wrong, we could have been ahead of the fold on origami coverage

Columbia News Service (New York)
Just J-school stories and pickups, but wider ranging than many I did for jobs.
Smart BoxesNew York Daily News, 28 March 1993
Stenos Can Still Write Their Own Tickets to Success, Los Angeles Times, 17 May 1993
Not Just Cigars, They’re the New Yuppie Status Symbol, never published

Metro (London, Newcastle)
Working less way to create more jobs (link TK), 14 July 1999

Businessweek (Bloomberg Businessweek from 2009)
Nokia’s Bright Spot: Luxury Handset Maker Vertu, September 29, 2011, joint byline
The 48-Hour Startup, September 15, 2011
After Nokia, Can Angry Birds Propel Finland? December 2, 2010
Nokia’s iPhone Envy – and Comeback Plan, April 29, 2010
Bringing Broadband Access to Finland’s Boondocks, July 15, 2010

Bloomberg Markets magazine 
Nokia CEO Stung by IPhone Aims to Outdo Jobs with Apps, Maps, April 2010

Bloomberg News (Helsinki and Nordics)
It was a wire service, you know what wire copy is like, we wrote hundreds of stories, and most of them read as if they had been written by machine. At least when you put this run of stories together, they add up to a partial history.
Nokia Lumia Sales Seen Topping 1 Million Since Debut in Respite for Stock, January 23, 2012
Ericsson Eyes Profits From Mobile Industry’s Top Patent Trove, November 9, 2011
Nokia’s Elop Plans U.S. Return in ’12 With Multiple Carriers, November 1, 2011
Nokia Starts Marketing Blitz After Delivering Windows Phone for Holidays, October 26, 2011, joint byline
Mango Windows Phones Give Nokia Apps to Strike Back at Apple, August 26, 2011
Nokia’s Ice Castle Melts as “Boring” Phones Force R&D Cuts, February 14, 2011, joint byline
Nokia’s Credit Rating in Jeopardy on Falling Profit, Bonds Show, August 26, 2010
Nokia Investors Lose Patience 3 Years After IPhone, May 6, 2010
Nokia Said to Unveil No New Devices Before Mobile World Congress,  February 11, 2010
Nokia Comes With Music Package May Be Too Late to Fight iPhone, December 15, 2009
Nokia “Slumdog” Slip Puts Market Share at Risk as IPhone Gains, August 24, 2009
The earliest story is probably still the best:
Nokia Failure to Beat iPhone Software Puts Market Share at Risk, June 23, 2009

Pulp and paper is more interesting than most people think. An index of what most people think is that The Office with Ricky Gervais and Martin Freeman was set at a bulk paper distribution company, as were most of the international spinoffs.
Norske Skog to Raise European Newsprint Prices 15% to 20%, October 17, 2008
Russian Pulp Hurts Stora, Rewards International Paper, March 19, 2008
Norske Skog to Cut Dividend as Chief Revamps Company, November 20, 2007
Stora Enso Finds Prospects For Share Growth in Eucalyptus Trees, July 19, 2007

I wrote stories about sex and alcohol for Bloomberg – I can’t remember if the alcohol story was ever put out or if it was overtaken by events, but it required getting opinions from inebriated people in a karaoke bar at 3 am and visiting the city drunk tank cells. Still waiting to write about rock’n’roll.
In the Name of Love: Finns Seek Paid Vacation to Revive Passion, April 16, 2008, picked up by the New York Times

InformationWEEK (Manhasset, NY)
CPU Audit Trail Leads To Arrest, May 19, 1985
Founder An Wang Names Son President of Minicomputer Firm, November 24, 1986