These pages document some of the Friday Breakfast broadcasts at Ipswich Community Radio. I was an occasional co-presenter with Faith and Adam on Working Lives and with Faith on Monday Breakfast ca late 2013 while Graham was away; with Mai, Chris, and Mira on Friday Breakfast ca early 2014; and with Izzy on Friday Breakfast from mid 2014.

If you love music,  the ICR schedule  has a show for you – deep dives on jazz, soul, funk, house and other genres, as well as the many eclectic and DJ-driven shows with titles like Melting Pot and Mixed Grill.

Shows you won”t hear anyone else include Heist Music – cool music that would go well in a caper film, the Preloved Chica Time Capsule – Elene does a great desert island tracks -type interview, and the Crime Lab, with investigator Adrian Ashby.

It’s also worth poking through our Mixcloud and other archives scattered around online  for older series like Get Classical with FJ! (award winning musician and broadcaster Fiona Jessica Wilson), ’80s Experience with Jules, and the Saturday show Moore Breakfast (Dan Moore is now on Tuesdays).

One-offs include Dan and Nick’s Pride broadcast from June 2019, and the marathon International Women’s Day programming organized by Izzy in March 2019. ICR is often involved in hosting community events such as the June Windrush celebration, and runs occasional music quizzzes for fundraising.

If you have a community institution, artistic practice or campaign you want to talk about on radio, we would love to have you on Friday Breakfast. Tweet at me at @diana180 or use e-mail on the About page.

If you want to do radio, e-mail the directors and ask to be put on the list for the next training. Be persistent; we are a volunteer organization and things are a bit ad hoc.