I grew up on the Arpanet, where nobody needed to introduce themselves because it was a social network, and a small one. You were what you wrote, and eventually you met people, probably at a Chinese restaurant outing or computing-related conference.

Seems it’s not quite that way anymore. So hello.

I have lived in Bedford, Massachusetts; Cambridge, Massachusetts; New York City; Helsinki, and (the original) Ipswich. If you think you know me, you probably do. I’m pretty googleable.

As of this update, I am a lecturer in sociolinguistics (fixed term) at Queen Mary University of London. I spend a lot of time on trains and coaches. Sometimes I put things on academia.edu. Often they are teaching materials, which I enjoy writing. My previous lectureships were at the University of Suffolk, the University of Tampere, and the University of Helsinki, my PhD alma mater.

I have also worked as a consultant to businesses and nonprofits (The Research Board, QConsult), in-house reporter (Bloomberg News, InformationWEEK, Lingua Franca), freelance reporter and researcher, press communications manager and publicity writer (77th World Science Fiction Convention), copy editor and translator. I am a licensed translator from Finnish and Swedish to English. More details on LinkedIn (up to a year behind). My portfolio of work is currently suffering from linkrot.

I have presented the Friday Breakfast show on Ipswich Community Radio (105.7 fm) for about six years now, since 2014 with Izzy Lane. All ICR shows can be heard streaming and most as Listen Again podcasts. If you are a music geek in any genre, we have a deep dive show for you. If you want to join the station to present a radio show or do related work, we would welcome you.

I have had a homepage on the Web since about 1998 with sporadic dated posts, which I guess makes me an old school online journaler. I shifted to Blogger a year or two later when it took off, but continued to handwrite HTML pages for longer entries. My archives were nuked a few years ago in a billing misunderstanding with the otherwise splendid DreamHost, my domain and hosting vendor since the early 2000s (thanks for the recommendation, Nita). I do have backups and am gradually restoring them. I have just abandoned the Kubrick template with all my hand tweaks that never quite worked and moved to Twenty Ten. If it’s good enough for Sarah Kendzior, it’s good enough for me.

I am a huge fan of autumn, the Arkadia Bookshop, and graph paper.

I tweet at @diana180.

First name. Last name. Without the hyphen, because they didn’t have them when I started. At. Geemail. Etc.