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Cory Doctorow, speaking at Assembly, gives another view of the last few years of British news, ca minute 47:

We have rampant visible corruption in our governments. The United Kingdom where I live, for example, it was just revealed that the national secret police, SOCA, or the British equivalent of the FBI, suppressed information about prominent law firms, rich individuals and major corporations that had hired criminals to illegally hack into the private information of their enemies, and that they suppressed this for years, and that they then went and disclosed it to a judge, Lord Justice Leveson? (D says Levinson) who conducted an inquiry into the newspapers doing this, and he suppressed it, and that they’ve given it to Parliament, and Parliament won’t publish the names of these corporations and high profile individuals who hired criminals to commit gross crimes. And this is not an example of technical incompetence in the police, and it’s not an example of technical incompetence in the judges, and it’s not an example of technical incompetence in Parliament. This is gross corruption. These are people who, in order to protect the Establishment, and its legitimacy, are unwilling to follow the laws.

Enjoy the views of dystopian ranks of zoned-out hackers in the cutaways, too.
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