I’ve slept in every office I’ve ever had. I don’t mean I lived there, I mean some night when I was just too tired to go home, I crawled under my desk and took a nap. But never in this one. I was so proud of myself for being grownup and organizing my work so I wouldn’t ever have to crash under the desk. And I did. Until  tonight.

PS 2015: This is no longer true. I did once crash under my desk in Tampere the week I handed in my dissertation, despite the office lights being on all night. However, I never crashed at the wire service. The security would have made it impossible. There would have been alarms rung in London. Klaxons. Remote control Alsatians. There were some nights I got only a few hours’ sleep at home, notably during a round-the-clock crime story. Nor have I crashed in my office at New University.

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