National holidays of the week: Victoria Day (Canada) as described by Kristin and Nicole, and Cyril and Methodius Day, the main Bulgarian national day, especially if Johku can get us into the reception.


[Later:] She did, and it was a rather strange: readings
from a book of humorous stories of overseas Bulgarians, and satirical songs about Bulgaria: “They’re saying the country is poor, the women are trampy, and everyone wants to go to Canada,” I was told. The guests said later that the programme was vulgar and unsuitable, but there was quite a bit of laughter at first. I wonder if this is the beginning of a trend and the American Embassy will decide to celebrate the Fourth of July with a revue of the works of Tom Lehrer  (academic view here and here) and Allan Sherman (author of the letter from camp song – there is no academic view of Allan Sherman).

PS 2015: I miss crashing Bulgaria-related events with these other fans of the country. Johanna is a postdoctoral researcher now. Tomi flies for Finnair. Sirpa and Ene I have not heard from in years.

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