talk like slj day

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 is on a dozen movie screens here, as is The Da Vinci Code, but I can’t find the movies I really want to see: An Inconvenient Truth and Snakes on a Plane. I generally assume everything that might be a hack is a hack until proven otherwise [1] and Snakes on a Plane is proving otherwise. Okay, but I won’t really believe it until I see it up here in Missouri.

I am looking forward in the fullness of time to Samuel L. Jackson’s lifetime achievement award from the Academy, which will naturally be accompanied by a montage of his delivery of famous lines from great motion pictures:

“As God is my motherfucking witness, I will never motherfucking be hungry again.”
“Of all the motherfucking gin joints in all the motherfucking towns in all the the motherfucking world, she motherfucking walks into mine.”
“James. Motherfucking. Bond.”
“I’m the king of the motherfucking world!”

[1] My first reaction to the 9/11 attacks was that they had to be a hack, and apparently I was not alone in this as Vanity Fair reports that Air Force monitors thought they were a simulation. Luckily I checked the news sites before posting anything undeniably embarassing.

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