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One Grundig 37-730 text TV, personal model. The picture tube blew right before the broadcast of the first round of the presidential elections in January. Edicron said they didn’t know if they could fix it so I bought another secondhand Grundig TV from them, which turned out to be better than this one. That is, the screen on the current TV is bigger than a laptop display, nearly flat, and has good color balance. There’s an occasional tracing problem which I can live with.

One Brother HL-730 laser printer in an uncommonly space-wasting design. The gears have been wonky since soon after I got it in 1998, and almost entirely stripped since maybe 2001. The paper tray never sat properly. I never did get to make use of the second ink cartridge.

Both of these were acquired from A&A upon their departure; they’d bought them new less than two years before. I made several attempts to give them to repair and resale shops or otherwise recycle them greenly, but was turned down everywhere and ended up just taking them to the Sortti station in a cab. You no longer have to pay to dispose of small amounts of electronica at the Sortti station, so I treated myself to taking the cab onwards to Malmi railway station. Last time, I dismissed the cab and tried to walk to a bus line, but ended up getting lost in the forest for about an hour. The Sortti station is really in the most inaccessible place in the city. Now if only YTV would institute curbside recycling for glass, paper, etc., or restore the Arabia recycling point which they took away when the tram line shifted, we’d be in business.

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