swearing, no screaming

Howard Dean had a Zoom call with Democrats Abroad today. There was self-redacted swearing but no screaming. Dean is now in charge of the Dem clearinghouse of voter data which aims to source information from different organizations to identify voters who can be influenced and not waste time on those who can’t. He made lots of crunchy Josh Lyman-style state by state predictions.

The tl; dl from Dr. Dean:

– Core Democratic constituencies now are women, PoCs, under-35s, making a Black female veep candidate a logical choice. It may be “the first election since 1960 where VP choice matters.”
– Says Stacey Abrams and Biden have “chemistry.”
– Encouraged by seeing white kids are following Black kids – emphasis on following, “not patting them on the head and telling them how to do it” – to the barricades.
– Bob Vallier of Dems Abroad: Clinton “ignored loud messages from the left and cultivated independents, centrists, and never-Trump Republicans.” Dean says Biden will not repeat the mistake; and would go further left if elected.
– “Biden has embraced Medicare to 60 and now we need to get him to 21. He is actually taking a look at UBI which is incredible.”
– However Dean also says the strategy is to stay safe and let Trump bury himself.
– The Republican clearinghouse database has a budget of $250 million; Dems $12 million.
– For voters abroad, avoiding postal delays is key. Use VoteAbroad.com. Make sure you register to vote as soon as you can. Most states will send out ballots by e-mail. Use that option. Return your ballot as soon as you can.
– Some chat about the possibility of collecting up ballots and sending them together so individual ballots don’t get hung up at Customs.
– While healthcare remains Dean’s No. 1 issue, he says the first priority for a Biden administration should be to do something about the Supreme Court to keep it from rolling back liberties further. Not sure how, since appointment is for life, something about the House and Senate, but that is at least a legal problem that could be straightened out faster than sorting healthcare (says Dean).
– Book recommendation on depolicing: Zach Norris, We Keep Us Safe.

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