stand still, stay silent

Red alert, day 59. Lockdown, day 49.

Stand Still Stay Silent is of course a webcomic.

Finally a simple, population-normalized graph has made it onto social media. It is possibly dodgy, depending on how much we trust the reported figures, and already out of date as death rates in Germany and China are reported rising again, but the outsized losses in the UK, US and Sweden are indisputable:

Boris Johnson is set to finally read the speech on easing lockdown tonight. The top ministers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have repudiated the new “Stay alert” messaging, pointing out there was no Four Nations discussion. Arlene Foster says NI is “not deviating from prior messages at this time.” Mark Drakeford: “Staying home remains the best way you can protect yourself and others.” Nicola Sturgeon reiterates “Stay home” – except you can now go for a walk twice a day – and has also joined the chorus of people asking what “Stay alert” means.

Downing Street responded by releasing a clarification which was basically the same as Stay Home, only with a few hedges (“if possible,” “if you can”). (Earlier, two-panel version, possibly sent by e-mail to press since I cannot locate the original tweet.)

In Ipswich, Borough Council leader David Ellesmere (this is not the same as the Mayor, which is a ceremonial office) says “the current situation will not change radically in the short term.” Some construction will resume, along with garden waste collection. “It will be some time before council revenue-generating services like sports centres, the Regent and Corn Exchange will be able to re-open.”

Not cancelled, so far: Futuricon, which is this year’s Eurocon, to be held in Rijeka, Croatia, beginning of October. I actually had an early bird ticket for this (still only 15 euros).

Zoom today: an hour with L testing presentation formats co-hosting and breakout rooms. I wish I’d had a chance to do this before giving lectures on Zoom. We’re both now much more aware of eye lines and how things look to the viewers, as well as ways to improve the sound.

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