Ladeco flight 115 from Asunción, Paragruay, was about to land an hour late at Santiagoäs Pudahuel airport. To our left, Aconcagua, at 23,000 feet, appeared as a steel promontory in the moonlight. The plane dipped its left wing with terrifying grace, levelled off with a lugubrious creaking of metal, and landed prematurely in three kangaroo hops. I, Miguel Littín, son of Hernán and Cristina, and a film director, was home after twelve years of exile, though still exiled within myself, for I came with a false identity, a false passport, even a false wife. My face and appearance had been so altered by make-up and unfamiliar clothing that even close friends would fail to recognize me in broad daylight some days later.

Very few people in the world knew my secret and one of them was in the plane with me. She was Elena, a young, attractive activist, designated by her Chilean resistance network to act as liaison for me with the underground network, make secret contacts, decide the most appropriate meeting places, appraise the operational situations,s arrange appointements, and see to our safety. Though she lived in Europe, she frequently travelled to Chile on political missions like this one. In case I was discovered by the police, diappeared, or failed to make prearranged contacts on schedule, she was to spread the news of my presence in Chile to set off an international alarm. Although our identity papers showed no marital connection, we had travelled as a loving couple from Madrid halfway around the world through seven airports. However on this last leg of our flight from Rio de Janeiro by way of Paraguay, we had decided to sit apart and to disembark as strangers. Our fear was that Chilean immigration security would be so tight at the airport that I might be found out immediately. If that happened, Elena would then go through immigration alone and notify her underground organization. If we passed through security undetected, we would revert to being a couple at the airport exit.

— opening of Gabriel García Marquez, Clandestine in Chile (La avventura de Miguel Littín),
a true story as told to the author by Miguel Littín

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