reverse Ebola

Red alert, day 45. Lockdown, day 35. Suffolk has 896 (+21) confirmed cases in today’s figures, neighboring Essex has 2244 (+42, about 2X Suffolk population) cases and Tower Hamlets has 586 (+0, about 0.5X Suffolk population) confirmed cases as of this morning.

The UK has recorded 152,840 cases on 669,850 tests (+29,058 , some on the same people). A total of 20,732 (+413) deaths in hospital have been recorded, including these Suffolkers profiled in the East Anglian Daily Times.

To reiterate, this is definitely an undercount and the level of government response is nowhere near what it should be. In Finland, 12 out of 26 residents of one nursing home have died and there are surely similar cases in total institutions everywhere. We’ll have to to wait for Private Eye to tell us, or whatever bureau keeps tabs on funerals. Another chilling detail: in the US, people are attending funerals by sitting in their cars outside the cemetery.

The most frightening social media chain letter of the last 24 hours is the Washington Post story (also without paywall in The Independent) about the clotting ability of the virus, or one version of the virus. It is causing strokes in young patients and, in the most striking image, seems to make clots form faster than surgeons can remove them. Like Ebola in reverse.

I am trying to level up in cooking by copying dishes from friends’ social media posts. Tonight: egg noodles with oil and peanut butter (this friend adds peanut butter to everything), and sauce of egg and mushrooms and herbs. His also had pepperoni and parmesan. I forgot the parmesan in my vegetarian version, but will add next time, along with some more spinach and maybe garlic.

Today I hosted my first nonclass Zoom a high school friend. We invited six others to see if we could maintain a single threaded conversation (plus chat) with that sized group. It worked well and I think this crowd will be having more of them. One friend was spending the afternoon on a virtual bike ride on an app called Zwift that connected with his exercise bike, and shared the screen (below). Now I’m wondering what other augmented virtuality apps can be meshed with Zoom. Nobody expects to be traveling anywhere before July at the earliest.

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