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Red alert, day 40. Lockdown, day 30. Suffolk has 701 (+45) confirmed cases in today’s figures, neighboring Essex has 1929 (+37, about 2X Suffolk population) cases and Tower Hamlets has 560 (+10, about 0.5X Suffolk population) confirmed cases as of this morning.

The UK has recorded 129,044 cases on 535,342 tests (+18,206, some on the same people). A total of 17,337 (+823) deaths in hospital have been recorded. About 100 UK healthcare workers are known to have died.

ONS figures indicate that deaths may be 41% higher than officially reported, Sky News said on Twitter, although the linked story does not seem to have that figure.

The House of Commons returned.

Massachusetts will keep schools closed through the end of the year.

The Dictionary Hostel, where I stayed many times while working in the East End, has opened a fundraiser to stay in business and help staff living on site. Hostels are sparse in East London and this was one of the better ones so I do hope it survives and comes back. I

Canada might be the head of the class on cash support programs right now. Trudeau announced a rent relief program for small businesses, charities, and nonprofits (click for thread).

Finland is no longer head of the class on PPE, as in addition to contracting with scammers they also also missed the deadline for help from the EU. On the bright side, Finnish distillers have turned their alcohol reserves to producing hand sanitizer. A former student of mine has posted images of the offerings from Kyrö and Helsinki Distillery Co., packaged like gin and paint thinner respectively.

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