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Red alert, day 20. Lockdown, day ten. As of this morning, Suffolk has 125 confirmed cases and Tower Hamlets has 241 confirmed cases. The UK has 29,434 confirmed cases, and as of yesterday 2352 patients have died.

The Edinburgh Festival (August) is cancelled.

Catchey’s fruit and veg stall, the anchor of Ipswich market, is closing for the lockdown because they are having trouble sourcing produce. I thought they were selling local harvests but the stuff actually comes from London’s fruit and vegetable market. That effectively completes the shutdown of the market, which got its royal charter in 1317. Last week it was only Catchey’s, the Lithuanian game meats people, and the bread stall.

Most of the news today is about PPE and ventilators: why politicians who knew the virus was coming failed to order equipment or permitted it to be exported, leaving health workers scrambling now. Apparently Finland is looking OK because of its stockpiles: PPE keeps well in the cold.

The 15-minute antigen test is not going to be practical for thousands and thousands of tests (click for video):

This is a good rundown of tests and their drawbacks:

There were actually some April Fool’s jokes.
Turku becomes Finland’s capital because Helsinki is in quarantine (in Finnish, h/t Camilla).
Scotland is first country to ban alcohol because of COVID-19.

British American tobacco is trying to make a plant based coronavirus vaccine. Not a joke, though it sounds like one – smoking kills your breathing too. Ask me how I know (not myself).

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