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Red alert, day 12. There were 22 diagnosed cases in Suffolk and 67 in Tower Hamlets as of 5:30 pm yesterday. The UK has diagnosed 8077 cases and 422 people have died according to the latest Guardian reporting, which really traces back to Public Health England.

The Excel Centre in London and the NEC convention center in Birmingham are being made into hospitals. The NHS now has thousands of volunteers – like police specials.
Ireland has effectively nationalized its healthcare system, which was more privatized.

Britney Spears retweeted someone else’s socialist sentiment and is now inadvertently leading the red brigades.

Martti Ahtisaari has COVID. Angela Merkel is in quarantine, as still is Justin Trudeau. A woman in London died after being refused hospital admission by paramedics.

Adnams Brewery in Suffolk is sending alcohol to the University of East Anglia to be made into hand sanitizer.

I spent the day on a marking lockdown. These were a feature of life before as well. I did not go out and I did not even do Sadie Mac’s yoga hour on Facebook. I did not get through everything I needed to. This entry may be expanded at the weekend.

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