Red alert, day 10. This morning the BBC tracker reports 15 confirmed cases in Suffolk and 51 in Tower Hamlets as of 9 am March 21. Again, this is more a measure of testing than actual spread. UK has 5,018 confirmed cases this morning and still reports 233 deaths.

Eastercon 71 (Concentric), the British national science fiction convention, which I had been volunteering for and looking forward to, is cancelled. The announcement went out last night. If that sounds late, consider that it was an event using contracted hotel and restaurant facilities, so there were other parties involved. Events like this will be the last to fold. The Eaveses own the Glastonbury fields, universities have the right to their auditoriums. They can do what they want when they want with their events.

Living in a small city feels optimal right now. London is reportedly having trouble adjusting supplies because it’s geared for just-in-time shopping and eating out. Rural areas don’t have hospital beds or ICUs, or have just a few. There is a lot of messaging just now telling people with summer houses or caravan spots not to go to them because of that.

My family now has a daily e-mail check in.

In the US, Rachel Maddow has suggested Trump’s statements should not be broadcast because he has made so many impossible promises and spread so much misinformation; if he says something true, media can broadcast the tape. This is what we have come to. The president making a true statement is the unlikely case.

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