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In a previous lecturing post, I taught Professional Writing Practice, a full-year module including a work placement as well as research and reflection papers. That meant I was a de facto careers counselor. Eventually I wrote up the advice I was giving into an employability guide for English students (pdf) and now I’ve posted it to my page at One thing I always meant to do was attach a reading list of books about work. Here are just a few of those I’ve recommended over the years:

Barber, Lynne. 2009. An Education.  Never mind the affair that inspired a Carey Mulligan film – the real juice here is about how Barber learned copy editing from working at Penthouse. Captures the absurdity of first jobs.

Newport, Cal. 2016. Deep Work. Everyone needs to learn to concentrate and there is some good advice here as well as acknowledgement of different working styles. Newport is problematic for his gender assumptions – more so in his other work addressed to students – and it’s useful to learn to recognize those too.

Preis, Michael W., with Frederick, Matthew. 2010. 101 Things I Learned in Business School. Looks like a humor book, but most of what humanities, arts and science majors need to know about business is here in concise form.

Samuelsson, Marcus. 2012. Yes, Chef.  Just about any chef memoir will do, actually, as a document of daily life in a rank-ordered low margin industry. The hazing is similar to that experienced by Michael Lewis in Liar’s Poker, but the salary and perks for an entry level HASS major are more similar to those of a cook.

Wells Lawrence, Mary. 2003. A Big Life in Advertising. War stories from the Mad Men era. David Ogilvy was right about a lot of things, but who remembers his bullet-point lists?

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