things I learned this week

  • There is a temporary homeless shelter in Ipswich. It is run by seven churches and rotates night to night. It only runs during the winter months. Schedule is posted at the library. #newsyoucanuse
  • The Ipswich County Library has magnificent reading room on the middle floor and a high-ceilinged arts room with many music folios on the top floor. The arts room seemed the appropriate place to post cards for my digital freelancing and arts writing course (which is still taking applications), though I was tempted to put them with the addiction and therapy flyers on the lobby board.
  • The Catholic Church has published a bright-yellow youth catechism called Youcat that is an object of marketing beauty. Seriously, it’s like Richard Saul Wurman (Access Guides) designed it for radical clarity. I don’t know who the genius behind it is (they credit teams, focus groups, God, Pope Benedict who wrote the intro) but writers of other guides could learn from this.
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