Euro watch: I haven’t been watching the news since the invasion of Afghanistan. It’s just too horrifying, and probably inaccurate as well. I keep an eye on metafilter, I keep an eye on adnan, and that’s all I need to know, thanks. But shortly before moving, I caved in and watched the short Euronews broadcast that YLE 1 plays just before going off the air, and in the segment on living conditions in Afghanistan, price equivalents were given in Euros.
This week Helsinki bus shelters are coated with an ad for cheap Finnair flights in which the Euro symbols are so big that they look like an ad for the Euro, not for Finnair. And I just got my first bill in Euros only, from, the Bertelsmann book company. The annoying thing is that the price in Euros is quite a bit more than it was in Finnmarks when I ordered the book, but I need it for work, so I went to the Merita bank site, which would only let me pay in Euros, and paid up promptly

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