Moved! Well, 97% moved. 48 hours ago it seemed there weren’t enough cardboard boxes in the world to support this move, and now I’m looking at a recycling problem. Anyone want 30 slightly used Xerox boxes?
I don’t live in a dorm anymore. I live in a decent apartment of my own, for the first time in ten years. I feel so … middle class. As a brake to the creeping bourgeois feeling, and a reaction to the lack of closets, my subconscious will probably force me to leave some of the stuff in boxes for the next six months. That’s a minor point, though. The sense of relief at no longer having to share a kitchen with a passive-aggressive slob of a teenager is not to be believed. And I am so pleased to have a place where I can leave the laptop set up, since my workspace is no longer limited to my lap while I sit on the bed.

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