I admit that I’m barely able to keep up with Tinka lately; but one thing that struck me in passing as definitely worth revisiting was her post about fan cuts of films. If you’ve ever thought, “I could edit that better,” maybe soon you’ll be able to. Personally, I look forward to producing my own edits of the classics of social science: Harold Garfinkel, now in readable form!

Elsewhere in the virtual student ‘burb: I fixed the link to Susan. Definitely dig down for the one about freshman composition classes and the guy who rebelled by turning in papers that went, “This is the opening sentence of my personal essay. In this introductory paragraph, I will introduce my themes.” And there’s a new addition to the ‘burb: The Absent Student, who writes about the various pathologies of postgraduate life much more candidly than I could do, with this page being chain-linked from the department’s pages.

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