New York Memories: The Ladies Who Lunch, Part One of Four
Where: The canteen at Trade Media Publishing on Long Island.
When: Spring 1986.
Who: Me (newly arrived from Boston), and the other two reporters, Charmaine and Michelle.
The food: Baked ziti, veal parmiagian’, citrus flavored Perrier that is going to make me burp all afternoon, but looks chic in its green bottle.
The conversation: How aloof we find some of the senior editors.
Me: I thought it was because they were New Yorkers.
Michelle: I thought it was because they were goyim.
Charmaine: I thought it was because they were white.
That was the second or third greatest Charmaine Moment ever, the greatest being when she told the senior editors she was quitting to go to McGraw-Hill with a 60 percent pay raise. Next installment: Celebrity watch!


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