Lunch conversation during my offsite teaching day:
Person 1: Helsinki people tell jokes about Turku and Turku people tell jokes about Tampere.
Me: Oh really? What do they say?
Person 1: Helsinki people say Turku people are so closed-up you need a passport to go there.
Person 2: Turku people say Tampere people are so backward they don’t know anything and you can’t possibly live in a place like Tampere.
Person 1: Pori and Rauma have a big rivalry too. Mostly about ice hockey.
Me: What’re the teams there again?
Person 1: Ässät and Lukko.
Me: So let’s see, that would be the Pori Aces and the Rauma Lock.
Person 1: That’s right.
Me: Lock, like door lock.
Person 1: Yes.
Me: (to myself) So there are sillier team names in the world than Diamondbacks.

Lots of them in the earlier American baseball leagues actually: the Buffalo Buffed, the Brooklyn Superbas, the Brooklyn Bridegrooms, the Houston Colt .45s, the Chicago Whales, the Elizabeth Resolutes. I have always been especially fond of the Cleveland Infants, who lasted, fittingly, only one season.


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