buried treasure: epistolatory

Break in the book summaries for an actual handwritten letter from 65 years ago, found in the attic last year. They don’t write ’em like this anymore. I have H’s full name, but not T’s.

Jan 14 51

Dear T…,

Your royal Christmas present arrived a few days ahead of time and I didn’t have to rattle it to make sure it was what I’d hoped it was. Thanks ever so much, T—! I’m lingering it out for the whole month.

I got knocked over on the 5th with a touch of pneu. which wasn’t too bad, but all these fancy drugs they shot me full of have left me feeling rather sour since. I’m hoping to get in town tomorrow for a short session and be on my way again.

Elsie was visiting the Bill Greens in Barrington over the last week end and felt I’d put something on her when she got back. She didn’t hear much from either (or does this say Esther?) – they live in such a higglety-pigglety way –

I’ve had several cheerful letters from Bud in Reno (God save the mark!). He has a lot of work with him and has a lawyer’s office to work in and should keep out of mischief. As far as he’s concerned I’m glad he is making an escape but the boys are another matter.

Stan was here over Cert work and too – and the very goodest boy you could imagine – He has been ordered back into the service – Chief-of-Staff Office – Washington. I think there is a chance that Margie will change her mind and go back eventually. Can’t be sure.

I have just finished Boswell’s “Tour of the Hebrides” in 1873 and “Explorations of Ninevah” with full description of the Nestorian Christian tribes in 1848 and an account of Prester John who was quite a fellow by all rights. Also pleased to run down the term Eyas as used in Hamlet, you’ll remember, for children that cry out on the top of question – quite a respectable term from falconry. Hope you can find a chance to use it with good effect – and that I shall see you soon.



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