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what they don’t tell you about the raspberry pi

9 October 2016

The Raspberry Pi is a double-edged device: it is designed to challenge the user to learn about technology because it is not encased in a simplified consumer product interface. At the same time, it is meant to be a little bit user-friendly, helping to widen participation in electronics hacking. A persistent person with access to the Internet – and a parts budget, because this thing attracts more accessories than a Barbie doll – should be able to figure it out.

I bought an RPi 2B+ a year and a half ago at the first Ipswich Raspberry Pi Jam and finally got it to work at the third Pi Jam this weekend. Thanks to all the members of Ipswich Makerspace who took time to answer questions, check on my progress, reiterate encouragingly that “it’s supposed to just work. Usually it just works,” and finally reflash my card in some magical way. Below are some hints for others who are trying to realize the Raspberry Pi dream.