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this was new york

When ironic hipsters were earnest. Some new lyrics might be in order: Everybody knows that the data’s strip-mined Everybody knows that the wires are tapped Everybody knows that an ad will follow Everybody knows that your steps are mapped @ … Continue reading

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music: mama’s chicken gumbo

The Yiddish Twist Orchestra is not klezmer, though you might think so from the name. It’s hard to say exactly what it is, other than a topnotch band that delighted its audience by fluently quoting everything from the Dayenu to … Continue reading

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things I learned this week

There is a temporary homeless shelter in Ipswich. It is run by seven churches and rotates night to night. It only runs during the winter months. Schedule is posted at the library. #newsyoucanuse The Ipswich County Library has magnificent reading … Continue reading

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finland crash Q&A

Dale, who asks excellent questions, asked this today: I was just reading a blog entry that mentioned the Finnish financial crisis of 1991. The horrifying thing is that its effects on the job market were worse than the current US recession. … Continue reading

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