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28 July 2008

I’m working in London for the week. I sit in a football field-sized open-plan newsroom where they’re moving the desks around for the third time in a year and everyone has decided not it’s just not worth the bother of unpacking anymore, so you trip over gigantic plastic packing trunks (called tea chests or tea cases) in the aisles.

I’m sitting in between my team and the government/economics team, who have less work than we do and act as if they are in a movie about being at work.

Posh Girl (to guy she is flirting with): It’s so hot out, I was riding this weekend and by the end of the first horse I was just dust.

Wannabe West Winger (on phone): I love this, everyone with their knives out for Gordon Brown. It’s poetic justice for the way Brown went for Blair.

PG: I’m getting all these e-mails from brides who are worrying about the readings I’m going to do at their weddings.

WWW: Did he not say that about Brown? I’m sure he said that. We said he said it. If he didn’t say it there are a lot of stories we’re going to have to correct.

PG: Jasper’s been invited to flirt with Poppy and John’s being invited to flirt with India.

WWW: Dial up Newsnight for last Friday. He said it. Just listen.

PG: She’s an heiress who’s looking for a bit of rough. And he’s just rough enough.

WWW: We have named cabinet ministers. Saying Gordon Blair is going down.

Econ editor: I’m a respected senior management figure. I don’t do backreads. (backread = proofreading for colleagues)

PG: It’s the party to go to if you want to see a bunch of rich girls who are just gagging for husbands.

WWW: So you’re going to do a great big wrappity wrap of absolutely everything. (wrap = story that covers the ground of several previous or projected separate stories, or recounts The Story So Far.)

PG: I was on ebay and it’s just full of antiques, people selling off things to keep up their mortgages.

WWW: I could approve Z days for everybody. That would make me really popular. (Z day = management approved day off, for having worked overtime or just because they fear the errors you will make in current state of burnout)

Econ editor (noticing me): I’ll bet it’s not this lively in Moscow.