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21 September 2000

I am so psyched to be getting out of town and going to Jyväskylä this weekend, I can’t tell you. 12 people, an 18-hour sauna in the countryside, sausages and beer, autumn leaves. The next weekend I get to move away from Psycho Flatmate. It’s the time in between that’s a problem: classes every day, two papers due, and there’s this bulletin board that just won’t quit.

Latest incidental thing from thesis research: Did you know that in the 1930s some people thought radio was going to kill books? It’s true, there are scare columns about the Death of Print.

5 September 2000

Today was the first coat day here at the 60th parallel. I don’t mean the first coat-optional day. That was a while back. I mean the first coat-necessary day. Sitting at my desk, I can’t stop shivering. And outside it feels like an air conditioner is blowing cold air between my (woolen) clothes and my skin. Must find gloves by tomorrow.