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“The last time I saw them they were sitting on a terrace having a drink. I should have said something to them and I didn’t.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald, more or less

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In 1995, I wrote in my journal, “Budapesters love dogs. They don’t pick up after them.” This has not changed. In other respects, though, Budapest has been tarted up beyond recognition. And without becoming a tourist theme park like Prague. It’s … Continue reading

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I’ve slept in every office I’ve ever had. I don’t mean I lived there, I mean some night when I was just too tired to go home, I crawled under my desk and took a nap. But never in this … Continue reading

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This week’s holiday: Guess.  I am amazed at the spontaneous descriptions and discussions on journals and weblogs and chat rooms.  There’s much more than last year.  This begs the question of whether journals/blogs are ‘private’ or ‘public’ texts, and whether … Continue reading

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