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“A farewell is oriented not to the termination of the social occasion or sociable moment wherein it takes place but to the sharp decrease that is about to occur in the possibility of such comings-together occurring – at least for … Continue reading

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This week’s holiday is midsummer. It happened last week, but I’m still feeling the effects. Those of you who were there know which ones.

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Vin Scelsa’s Idiot’s Delight has a web show, every Tuesday through Thursday from noon to 6 pm Eastern time. One more reason not to bother going back to New York. PS 2015: Vin sounds a little slower these days but … Continue reading

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“My father, a man without any means, a student, before 1914, travelled the whole of Europe with a University of Vienna student canteen card, and there was only one bizarre country called the Russian Empire which had something called a … Continue reading

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This week’s national independence day: Iceland. See it here and here. And I was blogged back here.

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Just because you say you agree with me does not mean you’re on my side.  Learned this the hard way.  Again. PS 2015: Some years later I learned that just because I agree with you does not mean you’re on my side. … Continue reading

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Today’s headaches: Visiting American professors who give us their public library pre-school kiddie talk instead of their graduate seminar talk; immigration experts who argue against children’s assimilation and in favor of greater parental mind control; linguists who act as if … Continue reading

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Even my great-aunt Sara (1898-1983) is on the web. Age is no excuse anymore. Death is no excuse.

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Last week’s national day: Svenska flaggans dag. And I was there at Skansen. Didn’t manage to spot the Royals; too much sound equipment between them and me. Vicky was apparently in the United States or Finland. Carl Philip the pinup … Continue reading

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Stages of house moving (assuming one has keys to both places for several days): 1. Denial. 2. Moving unobtrusive things. 3. Moving good things. 4. Confronting the junk that’s left. 5. More denial. 6. Oh crap, the old place doesn’t … Continue reading

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