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31 May 2000

National holidays of the week: Memorial Day, as seen in Rob’s entry and forum thread and in passing comments by others. And here we have Helatorstai, an annoying church holiday that is supposed to result in a Thursday off and a Saturday working. Of course everyone breaks the law and either works the Thursday or takes a four-day weekend. Summer schedules and vacations start on Monday: I’m sorry, Finland is closed for the summer. Thank you for living here and please feel free to use our services again in the fall.

My weekend will be spent moving rooms. I picked up the key to the new room from Reijo this morning and felt afterwards that I had done a full day’s work just in interacting with him. He had no office hours scheduled from May 23 to June 1, so that he could make people feel guilty about approaching him with key business, even though it’s the turn of the month and renovations are starting and we really have no choice. He warned that anything left behind would be trashed, possibly as early as today or tomorrow. And he has closed the clubroom for the duration.

28 May 2000

I think this (the thermo part) is what Ken Meltsner and
those other Course III people were trying to do many years ago, with blunt tools. Via Jonathan, a while back.

26 May 2000

I’m not making it up: Someone wrote a detective novel set on the mean streets of Koskela, “Helsinki’s Bronx” (Alueuutiset). Check out the description of Sjöman & Co. here.

PS 2015: The Nordic mystery boom finally happened but Hannu Vuorio’s work does not seem to have been translated into English. Yet.



22 May 2000

National holidays of the week: Victoria Day (Canada) as described by Kristin and Nicole, and Cyril and Methodius Day, the main Bulgarian national day, especially if Johku can get us into the reception.


[Later:] She did, and it was a rather strange: readings
from a book of humorous stories of overseas Bulgarians, and satirical songs about Bulgaria: “They’re saying the country is poor, the women are trampy, and everyone wants to go to Canada,” I was told. The guests said later that the programme was vulgar and unsuitable, but there was quite a bit of laughter at first. I wonder if this is the beginning of a trend and the American Embassy will decide to celebrate the Fourth of July with a revue of the works of Tom Lehrer  (academic view here and here) and Allan Sherman (author of the letter from camp song – there is no academic view of Allan Sherman).

PS 2015: I miss crashing Bulgaria-related events with these other fans of the country. Johanna is a postdoctoral researcher now. Tomi flies for Finnair. Sirpa and Ene I have not heard from in years.

19 May 2000

Did I mention that PIC Bulletin 5 came out? I’ll put up some Internettish things I wrote for it shortly. Also, the first person in my group defended: congratulations, Dr. Pekka.

19 May 2000

As I said below, I’m kind of over techwriting. But some
academics are finding it very exciting. Like the founder of Sellout: A Resource for People With PhDs Considering
Careers Outside the University.

18 May 2000

Last night to the Sibelius Conducting Competition. The
finals are tonight, but I need to get work done.

[Later:] Olari Elts from Estonia placed first, and Yasuo Shinozaki, my favorite of the ones I heard (he sang to the orchestra), was second. It seems that Jorma Panula, the mentor of most of the top Finnish conductors, was the kingmaker: “Elts totta kai.” News stories here in Finnish, here in English.

PS 2015: Olari Elts, management. Yasuo Shinozaki. I don’t know how to read conductor bios but they both seem to conduct regularly and to good reviews.

18 May 2000

Crystal Pepsi. Crystal deodorant. And now, according to Pamie’s forum, there’s crystal cat litter. It’s described here, in Heather’s post. In other household news, I just noticed that Vuokkoset, a Finnish brand of panty liner, has the “made in Finland” symbol in it and advertises itself on TV as kotimainen (‘homelandish,’ domestic, made in Finland). File under nationalism.

17 May 2000

I have to start logging cites.

17 May 2000

After yesterday, I should really post my own press release: Diana Quits Trantex, Starts Rest of Life. “We’re just thrilled that she’s decided not to come back after her study leave,” said the personnel manager. “Now we don’t have to waste any more time dealing with her unwillingness to participate in optional but  compulsory extracurricular events like these, or her cynicism about Total Quality Systems, or her sneering at jargon. And in case any prospective employees are reading, we’re not this bad.”

For her part, the ex-Trantexian says, “I never wanted to be a tech writer or a language checker, I just fell into it. I’m sure someone else will be very excited to have my old job, and I look forward to learning new things at my next position in the high-tech world … It’s not you, it’s me. I need some space. I’ve changed. No, actually, I haven’t changed, but my situation has. Anyway. Let’s just be friends. I’ll call you.”

15 May 2000

This is one of the coolest press releases I’ve ever seen, especially the last three paragraphs (cool =/= proofread, though). Via everybody.

15 May 2000

National holiday of the week: Norwegian Independence Day. Instead of tracking it from this youth hostel, I will be tracking it through this weblog and this news archive (pictures here) and the slottscam. The reason? See below.