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partial explanations

Red alert, day 74. Lockdown, day 64. More of Warren Weaver, this time on scientific explanation. Many of us have thought the following, for example when reading bad wall texts in science museums, but Weaver, with the confidence of the … Continue reading

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Eastercon: science and Brexit

Takeaways from Brexit and Science panel chaired by Nicholas Whyte, from memory and therefore fuzzy and consolidated. There were obvious concerns about EU projects, loss of personal freedom or movement, brain drain, possibility of closer relationship with US just as … Continue reading

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Eastercon: AI panel

“The biggest intelligence booster is more communication between humans and the Internet does that very well.” “We have created a species of intelligence that could wipe us out one day and it’s called the corporation – it hasn’t so far … Continue reading

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indistinguishable from magic

Returning from a family get-together in Toronto, my father, my brother J and I stopped at the Ontario Science Centre. We had been to the Royal Ontario Museum the day before. The ROM did not disappoint our memories. The OSC … Continue reading

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Don’t worry, Pluto. You will always be a planet to me.

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I think this (the thermo part) is what Ken Meltsner and those other Course III people were trying to do many years ago, with blunt tools. Via Jonathan, a while back.

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