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It was Glark who first said ‘70s sci fi is all about hexagons. Duncan Jones’ film Moon is all about octagons. Almost every space, structure, aperture has chamfered corners that quote Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and match the Omni magazine fonts of the … Continue reading

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alternative view

Cory Doctorow, speaking at Assembly, gives another view of the last few years of British news, ca minute 47: We have rampant visible corruption in our governments. The United Kingdom where I live, for example, it was just revealed that … Continue reading

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film: interstellar

It has been said that all 20th century novels are about the historical progress of the 20th century; they refer, however subtly, to ideologies and great wars and seismic shifts in material and prosperity. Exceptions that seem “timeless,” like Donna … Continue reading

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