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panic don’t panic

Red alert, day 75. Lockdown, day 65. Private Eye is doing a good job of covering the pandemic these days, not a surprise for the last investigations-focused news organ left. (Cleverly camouflaged with the cover and center section of humor … Continue reading

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alternative view

Cory Doctorow, speaking at Assembly, gives another view of the last few years of British news, ca minute 47: We have rampant visible corruption in our governments. The United Kingdom where I live, for example, it was just revealed that … Continue reading

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to tweet or not to tweet

This flyer comes from the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of┬áHamlet. The quality of the production is not at issue here; Hamlet isn’t one of my favorite plays but I thought this was amazing and would see it again. I particularly … Continue reading

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music: mama’s chicken gumbo

The Yiddish Twist Orchestra is not klezmer, though you might think so from the name. It’s hard to say exactly what it is, other than a topnotch band that delighted its audience by fluently quoting everything from the Dayenu to … Continue reading

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time and news

I abused the backdate function of WordPress quite a lot on my old blog and I intend to continue. That is, the date on a post is not necessarily the day I pushed the “send” button, but more likely the … Continue reading

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